An Introduction to Guillaume Lehoux


You hear from a Frenchman, who is obsessed with marketing, business, design and Law. The four things just have been mentioned I believe are well connected with each another. Well, you cannot take your business to newer heights without marketing and taking good care of complying with the law. Similar design including web-designing and campaign designing is something that can really give you an edge. In fact, when you get interested in one out of the things as mentioned above you will find yourself declining towards the remaining three by default. This is quite true as far as I am concerned.

My Professional Life

I am having a great life! The routine challenges are right there in the middle however I don’t feel bothered when I confront challenges. In fact each time when I went through any turmoil it left me with nothing but even stronger motivations, emotions and a lot of learning. I have been working on several fronts. In other words, you can call me a man with multiple faces. Apart from being a loving boyfriend and a father of two beautiful kids am a successful businessperson, a marketer and a designer.

Why am Here?

It is a big issue! By the way am here to have some very good time. I believe we all can help in making this world a better place to live by means of effective communication. Blogging for me is not a pastime. It has become my passion. I always find it brilliant to share my thoughts and experiences with like-minded individuals. Thus, am here to share my life with all of you. Many will think that the French man has gone insane and why he is not using social media for satisfying such craves. Well, I believe social media is nothing but crap.

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