3 Things the Best Law-Firm Website Designs Have in Common

Hi & Salut. As I promised in my first post that I will share my life and experience with you guys. This post is my first on one of my adored subjects. Being a designer I have a very bad habit of looking everything with an eye of a critic. Well, those who know about our profession and passion will agree that it is quite important. Last month I passed a lot of my time working for a law firm. Their website according to them was working fine but the number of qualified leads they were getting from it was not enough up to a satisfactory level. That was the point when I started digging into the matter and came it didn’t took me long to notice the biggest issue in their website. It was nothing but the design of their website that sucked literally. Let me share 3 Things the Best Law-Firm Website Designs Have in Common

#1-Share Success Stories

Perhaps, it the best thing that you can do. Moving ahead with a website where people can learn about the achievements you managed to earn in the past is something that always works in niches like Law. For a better understanding consider that you are in a serious legal trouble and want to hire someone. A law firm`s success stories helps in developing respect and courage in the mind of prospect clients. You can also go ahead with some “Testimonials” from your previous clients.

#2-Tell them their Rights

We all who are living in this country have certain rights. Even a person held for criminal activities cannot be maligned by the authorities. Good Law related websites always choose the option of educating their visitors. In such a way you can make your website a source of credible and quality information. I have seen this method working amazingly well for almost everyone. Remember! A person with having legal troubles can be won by using the element of care. You can easily end up with quality references by portraying your firm as an authoritative body in the context of legal affairs.

#3-Keep it Simple & Effective

There is no point in developing a Law-related website with using too much louder color schemes. Law is a very serious subject and thus your website should complement this fact. Go for simple black and white as these two colors are always attributed with law and justice. Don’t make it too complicated. Keep the key resources at an easily accessible point. Consider adding the provision of making it possible to initiate a chat session with your site`s visitors.

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